rubitm: Did you make those tatoos having diabetes? I want to get some tatoos to 😁

I was not diagnosed at the time I got the tattoos, though I got one of my tattoos around the same time my symptoms of hyperglycemia first started to develop. I remember I had to stop the artist three times so I could go to the bathroom. It was miserable. 
Tattoos definitely have an effect on your blood sugar, but having diabetes will not prevent you from getting tattooed. You just have to make sure that your sugars are in a good range when you go in, and make sure that you’re checking it throughout your session in case anything happens to fluctuate one way or the other :) Also bring a lot of snacks and be sure your artist is aware of your diabetes so they can be as accommodating as possible during your session! 

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Second infusion set switch. Featuring my favorite pair of underwear. 
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I’m trying to pack for school so i’m putting items that i’m iffy about together as potential outfits to see if anything will work together. I think i’m gonna leave these two home. Really trying to cut down on what I bring with me this year.
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Ooooooooooo! Idea by Cassie Raven #toystory #type1diabetes #type1diabetesmemes #oneofus
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Bolus Wizard
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My jewelry box. 
emordilap: hi, so I was just scrolling down my feed and I saw your picture about clipping your pump to your bra... my dad has diabetes but no pump and I was just wondering what it was for (if you don't mind me asking) have a good day :-)

Hello there!!

Does your dad have type 1 or type 2? If he has type 2, he may not take any insulin at all. However, with type 1 diabetes there are a couple ways to deliver insulin, either with injection (pens or syringes) or with a pump, which delivers the insulin for you through an infusion set (tubing). Many people find the pump helpful for more thorough diabetes management, but pens and syringes are favorable for their simplicity. If you want any more details on the pump or anything, just let me know! :) 

Every time I have to pee I question whether or not I’m high. It’s like I forget that normal people pee too or something. 

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Diabetes is fun, we get to play games like why am I so thirstyand where did this test strip come from

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How to Live on a Low-Carb Diet



Avoid Processed Foods

There are many varieties of low carb diets out there. Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, and the Primal Blueprint are just a few. The one thing they have in common is a focus on lowering carb intake.

The first step to successfully following one of these diets is to nix the processed foods. There are a lot of low-carb processed foods on the market, but it’s best to avoid these, too. Focus on natural vegetables and fruits in addition to meats for you diet. All refined sugars and flours should be avoided.


Plan Your Menu

One of the most important parts of living a low carb lifestyle is menu planning. Each week, have a plan for what your meals are going to be, and when you go grocery shopping, stick to what is necessary for your menu plan. Be sure to include snacks in your plan, as well!

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Some really good tips that i’ll have to keep in mind. 

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