The excruciatingly average life of a Type 1 Diabetic

Day 7

What’s your favorite diabetic book/movie?

Well I just recently read this book called Diabetes Rising which basically just covered the five main theories for what the cause of diabetes is. Otherwise I don’t know of anything…y’all should suggest me some views and reads :) 

I’m matching today!! 

I’m matching today!! 

Day 6

Do you advertise it or try to hide it? Any reason why?

 I definitely do a lot of advertising. I like wearing crop tops to show off my tubing (weather permitting) and I love making people notice it, because when they notice it they ask questions, and when they ask questions they open themselves up to the opportunity to learn. 

I’m very big on activism and on raising awareness. This disease is my life, and it’s not easy to live with, and in our society the facts on diabetes are outweighed by the misconceptions. I want to contribute to changing this. We need change so that we as a community can stop falling victim to ableism, and so that we as a community can start being taken seriously. When we raise awareness, we make changes and we promote funding for research and I believe that this process will help us get a step closer to finding answers for ourselves about this mysterious disease. 

There is no reason to be ashamed of this disease. 

Day 5

Pump, shots, or something else? Why? What meter/pump do you use?

So I started out on pen injections, and this summer I switched to an insulin pump. It’s the Medtronic 530G with Enlite Sensor. I got it because I wanted the peace of mind I didn’t have when I was on injections. It really wasn’t enough of an excuse, because everything else about my diabetes management was fine. 
I currently loathe using the pump. Having technology that only works under specific conditions is a drag. I also feel that for me personally it was too much freedom too fast. I’ve lost control of my carbs, I’ve lost control of what I’m eating and how much, I’ve lost control of my other meds. My A1c is going up. It’s just not a good time for me and I really want my pens back. 
As far as meters go, I use both the One Touch Ultra 2 and the Bayer Contour. I don’t get a lot of strips with the Contour (something about my insurance) so I switch between the two for now. 

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