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I’m feeling a little bit better today. Figured i’d share my breakfast with y’all because I think I constructed it alright, with carbs and all. 2 Kashi brand 7 Grain waffles: 25 carbs for two, minus 7g dietary fiber = 18 carbs for two waffles.1 cup Chobani greek yogurt: 15 carbs minus 5g dietary fiber = 10 carbs. Also 12g protein. And of course getting  more protein boost with my cheesy egg omlette. Washing it down with a glass of water, as usual. Total carbs: About 30gTotal protein: About 24g
Note: I am on an LCHP regimen by request of my endocrinologist. I do not recommend or encourage the adjusting of your diet unless you have consulted with your doctor. 

Medtronic called me again today and they said that I should be expecting a script in the mail for a C-Peptide test, and once I get that done (it should take about a week to get back to them) then they can get the ball rolling on sending me supplies and figuring out total cost. 
One step closer. 

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So yesterday I brought home veggie hot dogs and I wanted to eat two of them with something on the side, because that seems like a reasonable dinner not too high in carbs, and then I remembered that a hot dog bun has 27 carbs in it, meaning that if I wanted two hot dogs, the carbs would be too high for my regimen. So I ate one hot dog and a side of applesauce and it was alright. 
But today!! I was really hungry for dinner and I started thinking of ways that I could eat two veggie dogs without having to just eat them alone. 
Then it hit me…
Tortillas. Fucking tortillas. Two tortillas is basically the equivalent of one bun in carbs. So I cooked up two hot dogs, wrapped them each in a tortilla that I layered with shredded cheese for extra funk, and had an apple with peanut butter on the side. BAM. Fifty carbs for the whole meal. Forever eating my veggie dogs on tortillas from now on. Goodbye buns! 

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Miss Idaho wears insulin pump on bikini, inspires viral Twitter campaignThousands turn to social media to support Sierra Sandison and the growing #ShowMeYourPump trend.

Just in case you hadn’t heard yet!

Medtronic called me today. 
They’re gonna ship me a pump and supplies for training. 
I’m gonna squeal eeep. 
Nervous about how much of it my insurance will cover. But otherwise I’m very excited that this is happening. I really hope we can manage the payments. 

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Ah yes, my lovely supply of needles. Just got a new shipment today so i’m well-stocked. I use the Tide Pods container for my sharps. 
Pump Updates!

So the bad news is that my educator’s company doesn’t take my insurance, so she won’t be able to train me if I get approved for the pump. 
The good news is, that Medtronic does take my insurance! So if they do approve my usage, they can cover it for me (I’m not sure what the copay will be yet. Bleh). 
More updates to come. 

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"What’s it like having diabetes?"
  • My friends think i’m on heavy drugs 
  • Obligatory cake selfies 
  • Sarcasm out the ass 
  • Peeing back and forth forever 
  • Gettin’ friendly with Death 
  • 3AM gummy binges 
  • Math

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I needed some sunshine in my life.

Rockin that omnipod \m/>.<\m/